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Boy Genius – 1

I I knew Mark and Greta Holger since we were all kids. We went to school together. Mark and Greta ended up going to the same college, where they fell in love. They were married and had a son Robert… Continue Reading →

The Storm Ghosts (Audio Version)

Here is the audio version of The Storm Ghosts, a short monologue from The Field Guides to the Ghostly World.   for written transcript see post here The Storm Ghosts   SUBSCRIBE – Category Specific RSS   KEEP UPDATED –… Continue Reading →

Sailing – 1

1 It did not take me long to feel the swirling nausea of sea sickness. I am not a sailor, I am a scribe, and it was my task to record the events of our journey. We left the sunny,… Continue Reading →

The Pond part 1

1 “Yep, young man, I saw it,” he said, not taking his eyes off the fly. His gnarled hands looped colored thread around the hook with a speed and dexterity that was quite surprising. “Well, sir,” I began, watching him… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

May 31st When old of age and looking into the glass and see but a little of what I was, and know that ahead in time and season would if I could make the world a little younger. For I… Continue Reading →

The Lens

I was something of a handyman around the neighborhood. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, painting and repairing picket fences were all in a typical day’s work for me. I suppose I never really saw much in the world to inspire me… Continue Reading →

The House on Maple Lane

My name is Ernie Rogers. I’ve been in real-estate for over forty years. In that time, I’ve had the privilege of seeing many of the beautiful and historic homes that can be found throughout the region. Sadly, I must also… Continue Reading →

UFO, Covens and a Lion’s paw – Willoughby Bedford’s Notebook

┬ánotes to self get new pen check online where to buy cassette tapes ring around find out where my Edgar Allan Poe’s book got to!!!   First things first… I’m not one for jumping straight in with conclusions but the… Continue Reading →

The Ballad of a Last Goodbye

Arise from the fall I stand and watch those gathering in burnished rays of setting winter’s sun while I see a tense young man break free at headlong fast pace, bloodied hands stuffed down in pockets. Beyond that fatal slaying,… Continue Reading →

The Soul Collectors

A manic dash, driven hard at the closeness of a death rattle, this black polished carriage, horse drawn by black plume crested stallions clattering down marble hallways lined with damask wall coverings upon which are suspended portraits of the dead… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

Month of May at the hour of Hermit’s return A HAUNTING CURIOSITY NEVER MORE then a moment away from you, ebbing and flowing until at last reaching out to steal your life that I may continue in this living damnation…. Continue Reading →

William Wolfenden

I watch a werewolf moon rise and somewhere out there is a dog hollering mournfully. Back over the way, the belfry bats take flight devouring the night air with their screeching during tolling of the passing bell. I tell you,… Continue Reading →

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