Willoughby Bedford calls in at a séance

Well, we instructed to wear black, a colour to wash out the life of you this time of year. Oh, and remove all jewellery and as for mobile phones, or anything electronic, concealed or otherwise, they had to be packed up in black trash bags, provided at the ticket desk and then left in an open office near the building’s entrance.

I must say I felt somewhat conspicuous amongst what was mostly a queue of ladies in their black evening gowns. I had a thought. The ensemble did look like a line-up of witches.

So once we had passed through a rather energetic security frisk by Jason, we sent and ushered into the hall. I found my way to a good seat only whisked off it, something to do with the balance of energies; anyway, they moved me to the back. I did have a good view of the cabinet on the dais. It looked like a tepee tent erected from a kit bought at Millets, with black canvas covering the frame and an opening at the front with an armchair in the middle of the den.

So for tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we were here to witness a séance.

The very efficient Ruby, with a pitch in her voice intoning of danger to the medium through loud noise, from any of us, or, if leaving for the bathroom, could result in damage to the medium while under trance conditions. So please attend to your lavatory needs before we start because we lock the doors until the séance completed.

Apparently, we told of an episode earlier in the year, when an audience member fell off his chair, it broke. Our spiritual medium had suffered nosebleeds for 2 weeks!

We had to be careful because ectoplasm could occur and all our electronic and metal objects had to be safely black bin-bagged and put way from the séance room. Tough for those with these tongue studs. The Goth lady at the side of me was unable to remove hers and told to keep her mouth shut for her own safety.

The lights dimmed and presented to us was spiritual trance medium Karen from Plymouth, resembling a member of the Black Light Theatre of Prague, save for her face she was head to toe in black lycra.

Once seated, with red lights the only illumination directed at her face, she prepared herself. With a quick rendition of, she’ll be coming ‘round the mountains led by Ruby to raise the energy we were granted an audience with the other side…

So what was it like?

After all the preparation, the procedure, the waiting I witnessed Karen talk with affected voice and take questions, make observations about this world and the next, a place apparently with many dimensions.

She seemed to change her voice register, dropping octaves, as you do when trying to do an impression of a man with a deep voice. The little girl’s voice was particular ear piecing, and a few of the ladies hearing aids started to whistle, due to feed back, and caused them much irritation.

A man got some healing on his back by just answering a few questions, which I felt were rather common universal statements. I’m being too hard perhaps.

Two hours passed so quickly and the Pièce de résistance, the star turn, apparently some famous spiritual medium from the Victorian age came through, and yes, there was a gasp of sheer delight from the regular followers of Karen, at being witness to an audience with what I suppose was a surprise guest to top the bill!

Well, now sat at the desk writing up my notes, what do I make of it. Do I think we had communication from the other side? I think not, but you are free to make up your own minds about trance mediumship. I witnessed a performance for entertainment value. I’m struck by how many Native Americans seem to show up, as well as famous people. Never seem to be the ordinary type of person who born, lived and died, did so facing those common issues we all deal with on this journey through life.

Does your Willoughby think there is an afterlife? Ha-ha well I’d like to think so, that yours truly can still get out and about being nosy, finding out about one’s reality when 6 feet under!

by Willoughby Bedford/John Riley

image by Mysticsartdesign

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