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So thinks to myself well let’s try it. I’ll leave the bedroom doors open. Oh, let me just add they’re the bi-fold types, full length, swing in or out, made of wood from two coffin lids.

So, I’m thinking I’ll leave them open to the landing, see if any entity should walk in on me while I’m asleep in narrow bed.

What do you reckon out there on the earth plane? Seems I did have a dream, woke up aware that a moment ago a couple of faces leaning over me having a good old butchers at what’s lying in the coffin.

Forgot to mention I have a rather comfortable casket to lie in, very warm and a big improvement from the cold ground. I’m always falling out of bed so needed something with high sides. Found this one dug up, no point in letting it go to waste. I mean there’s a recycling team out there, take the dirt from under your finger nails if you’d offered to shake their hands. Just a few bones scattered inside, gave them to the dog. Anyway, it cleaned up a treat.

So I’ve kept the doors open when I’m asleep and I do feel I’m more aware of my dreams when woken up like I mentioned before. Anyway throwing the offer open to you lot reading these journal entries. What triggers a dream experience for you, cheese before bedtime, a hot cup of chocolate, a short story from us at The Ghostly World?

Let us know maybe you could share some of the more exotic dreams you have, second thoughts maybe not. Keep in touch see you again the other side of midnight.

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