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Here’s a little something you may not have heard about. It is an unexplained mystery that the people here at the ghostly world have been looking into, asking me to visit the North Yorkshire coast and report.

As before, the usual arrangements made and people and places checked out. So, let me tell you of a case, witnessed by several staff members at a company near the lovely seaside town of Whitby, UK.

I’ve been able to speak with several people, some of them a little long in the tooth but able to recall the events that took place back in 2015.

The incident concerns a Miss Doreen Moore, who worked at a handling company inputting data, mainly loyalty card applications.

She worked alongside a group of fellow workers. There were six colleagues on Doreen’s table.

I managed to speak with four of the group, meeting them along with others who remember the case. I have to say not everyone was keen to be involved or lend his or her name to this journal. So, carrying out their wishes, I have altered the names of the people speaking with me.

From what I have ascertained, Doreen was a quiet lady, around 40 years of age, lived locally and well thought of amongst her peers. She worked full time, whereas many of the other staff members tended to be part time.

Elsie, Susan, Denise and Bridget told me, her colleagues on the same desk, the incident had happened on the evening of the 2nd October 2015.

At the end of their work shift, they gathered up their belongings as normal and headed off to the car park.

The evening staff were arriving and I have managed to speak with a few of them who remember seeing the sports car turn up, apparently quite distinctive and with a head turning noisy exhaust. They remember it parking up in view over by the back wall and seeing a man step out of it.

Doreen’s colleagues remember outside on the steps a young man meeting her.

“We just waited on the steps,” said Elsie, “curious, like we would be, at seeing this good-looking man.”
“I remember Doreen looked surprised when seeing him,” added Susan.
“I thought she’d a toy boy,” laughed Bridget. “Well we all thought he was someone special the way she looked at him, all coy and stuff.”

“Anyway,” continued Elsie, “she went with him to his parked car. Very flash car, we couldn’t believe it. She’d kept him quiet.”

All four laughed, and then Elsie spoke again.

“Normally Doreen walks to work, she only lives a few streets away. And we’d all heard him say he’d come to pick her up and take her home.

“Anyway, we are a nosy lot, kept watching them. Proper gentleman opened and held the car door for her getting in. My Ernie wouldn’t do that, sets off before I’ve time to belt up.”

Denise chipped in. “You know thinking back over it, I still get goose bumps, remember that strange stillness while we were waiting for them to drive off. We were stood, like we couldn’t move, just waiting.”

Susan steps forward. “We were waiting for them, so we could wave them off. Bit of a laugh really, as if we now know who her secret lover is. But they didn’t drive off, it was so still as well there, like as if just before a thunder storm, the air, very close.”

Elsie speaks. “We saw them get in the car but it just went on a bit too long. Didn’t start up the car and the way the light of the evening seemed to fade so quickly, even the car seem to stand out in an eerie way? The air was so close. We had that moment between us; we were kinda of worried at this point. Not that we thought things were going on in the car.” She looked knowingly at Bridget. She continues. “We felt we needed to check everything was okay. We knew something didn’t feel right.”

“So we set off and walked over to the car.” Susan says. “When we got to it and looked inside. The car was empty.”

“We never had that car out of our sights,” Elsie insisting. “We saw them get in it, expected it to pull away but it didn’t and that strange stillness and eeriness had us check everything was okay. None of us could believe it. They’d just vanished.”


Of course, such an incident did lead to investigations; the case remains open according to the police records. The ladies did tell me that lots of official looking type people started taking an interest in their experience. However, they got the impression that the true story would never be published in the local or national newspapers.

The incident did have an effect on those women and I further checked some of the other people in the office starting their shift, particular those sat by the window if they had seen anything of the car. A few of them remember the car and seeing the man open the door for his passenger. They remember the car not moving off and just thought it might have broken down. But they never did see anybody get out of it, saw Elsie and the others going up to it. They had wondered about it and remembered Elsie with the others coming back in the office agitated.

The car wasn’t there the next day when they clocked in for work. It had been talked about amongst them for days later. They remember the storm and it had led to a power cut on their terminals.

One further aside to add into the case was that Elsie and Bridget remember something happening in the high street where they live. Both of them on separate occasions recall walking down the street when a man just pop out of the crowd and pointed a camera in their faces taking a snapshot of them. He then ran off before either had time to ask what was going on. Both Susan and Denise haven’t yet been subjected to any such experience.

So, I’ll leave you all to ponder on that one and await any comments you wish to share. Until the next time I wish you all safe passage through your life.

by Willoughby Bedford/John Riley

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