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Never seems to go away, you know, the thing about putting out the intention to the good old universe and then sitting back reaping the rewards when it pours pennies from heaven.

Here’s a rambling thought what if we are moving closer to some revelation about ourselves and that we are close to being able to influence our path through life, you know, attract those intended vibes towards us simply by putting in the right request.

And my dear reader, what if the grey suits of the world as we say, the movers and shakers, steering us towards a different agenda motivated by fear, are trying to stop that new awareness from ever materialising.

For would chaos rule the earth? Got a little micro piece for you on this theme. Here it be…

I know a secret

Well, c’mon, what father wouldn’t be burning up with excitement about a son ready to address the faithful this being his first gig an’ all. My, my, my wait ’til the crowd get a load of this revelation. Got a book to sell, available now, so you won’t miss out spreading the good word.

Mesmerising performance they’d worship the ground he walks on, how about that, eh. Tells them all that the moment contains everything that can happen, every potentiality. Tune yourself to your hearts desire and you’ll find yourself living the moment soon enough. You weren’t taught that when so green and susceptible being spoon-fed the paradigm. Isn’t that just magic, your awakening?

Chaos shall reign and your father Nick will be proud of such prophetic truths to challenge the falsehoods. Time that chain loosened and the pit opened and let your father have the time to play.

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