The Tale of Obadiah Watts

I got Thomas to read this the other day when he came over to visit and thought we might do a recording of it replacing the test one produced a while ago. Think it’s probably still floating around on YouTube. Feel sure it lends itself ideas and a bit of fun producing.

So here is The Tale of Obadiah Watts by Thomas Flyte

There’s a splintered old door that’s flat to the ground
all covered in moss but still can be found.
It’s in the garden of a house that you should not name
that crackled and spat as it burnt from a flame.

High in the sky tattered crows fly well clear
of the shadows that creep and bring a town fear.
Tall spear railings so sharp and black
poke hidden with the ivy ready for attack.

All the towns children don’t play there at night
’cause they know the devil dances and gives them a fright.
Red blood paint spills across a wooden sign.
Keep Out of this place or you’ll be mine.

Obadiah Watts so big and bold
ignored all the warnings he had been told.
From a town far away greedy for gold
a selfish man that takes what’s sold.

Late at night when the moon was new
and an old eagle owl hooted out a boo.
From deep inside every nook and cranny
are two red eyes that would scare your granny.

Seeking out something down on the ground
he looked and looked until it could be found.
A door that leads to treasures of gold
but guarded by a demon many centuries old.

Obadiah doesn’t care of tales that scare.
Obadiah Watts just doesn’t much care.
Out in the darkness waiting in the night
is a long legged tall man ready for flight.

With a knock and a knock and a tap and a tap
Obadiah Watts finds the door with a rap.
He takes from his coat a golden little key
stolen from a deaf man when he didn’t see.

Eager and greedy of what lay below
forgetting the warning on hearing hello.
Laughing to himself as he unlocks the door
frees it from the moss he can’t wait no more.

Within a glowing light that beats so hot
guiding his steps he knows where not.
Down and down following the light
until he finds a room and what a sight.

A long legged tall man nimble and quick
slamming the door and locks it with a click…
And Obadiah Watts so greedy and bold
faces a demon that turns him to gold!

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