Within the Fog

Step a little nearer readers, come in close and enjoy some poetry, this creative work entitled Within the Fog by debi.


Within the Fog

Beware the early morning’s light
That illuminates the traveler’s plight
And shows the damned earth’s blight
That plaques the traveler’s road.

Hide instead in the evening’s blue
Where safety is falsely offered to
Those who’ve seen the world untrue
And felt the cold wind blow.

The light casts only false belief
Of happiness within the grief
And love is cast in funeral wreaths
Upon the cold, cold ground.

From the darkness rises truth
Of who you are, the one real you
And flaws and pain and hatred true
Deep in your heart is found.

For evil lurks within, my friend,
And hatred hidden never ends
There is no monster greater than
The one hidden within the fog.

poem by debi


artwork thanks to StockSnap

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