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PILL POPPING JESS HEADER made mistakes in his long life. Lost many deals towards the end, big deals as well. I mean made a right old mess of things. You could say it’s the illness affecting his pickled brain. But, Mrs Header is quick to argue. He doesn’t try to think! He’s just lazy! Losing like that! Doesn’t try. Won’t try!

Jess would rile under the attack. “Show me a person who hasn’t made mistakes!” banging on, hammering home his point. “Woman! You don’t stop! You’ve no room to talk. Christ! You throw money away on rubbish…never worn!”

“Well that’s because you never take me anywhere…” blasting return fire.

Jess fights back. “Same old…same old…Hell, you might say some mistakes shouldn’t have been born! Know what I’m saying..! Eh..! D’you hear me? You’re not listening now, are you? Have you lost it!”

“All them pills you’ve taken!” Mrs Header vents. “Vitamins, a load of eyewash. You don’t know what you’ve taken, and all those blue ones you’ve necked. I didn’t know where to put my face at the Mayor’s ball. You’d look like you’d grown another leg sticking out like it did entering the room before you did!”

Well, believe it or not, Jess Header has the time, for the moment, to reflect on his mistakes.

He’s old enough to have seen many of his enemies meet their maker and answer for their crimes. Not Jess, well not yet, ’cause he was on to something the other night and knowing what he knows now, reckons he’s stumbled on something while slowly dying in his hospital bed. Oh, make no mistake the man is seriously ill.

The point is he’s been trying to contact his younger hedonistic self through dreams.

He’s convinced we’re not to know by the powers that be, that each one of us can alter our timeline. He’s found information that his younger self could benefit with knowing.

“Forearmed is forewarned,” as if the tap to the nose says, I know a secret that you don’t.

Mrs Header was sighing, folding her arms and legs tightly, pulling that face again while turning on the hospital chair to look away.

He isn’t going public with this knowledge, c’mon, anyone trying to put forward such a revelation would look like a buffoon, and experience can be a cruel teacher says Jess.

He has no friends; bit of a loose cannon you might say, especially when not taking the red pills.

He’s getting frustrated no end trying to make his headstrong younger self understand when meeting in dreams trying to avert his present fate.

But there’s another reason why he’s busting his blood vessels to be heard.

The doctors are thinking of changing his medication because Mr Header seems to be getting overly possessive, telling them to leave his goddamn pills alone and him wanting to sleep all the time.

story by John Riley


This story developed after coming across a question about going back to meet yourself from 25 years ago and having 10 minutes to pass on advice to your younger self. What do you say?

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