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12th March 2018

My dear reader, how are you? Hope we are keeping you entertained. You know I have a picture of you our dear reader. Spending a little moment, I am, to spare you a thought. Do you find yourself time on your own? Find a moment to yourself and allow yourself to let go and enter into The Ghostly World reading a few short stories from the archives. Well, we hope you are enjoying our take on tales for the hours of darkness. Get stuck in there and dig deep there’s plenty to read and comment should you so wish.

While I’m on with things at the moment, good time to mention our author pages over on that web of intrigue that is Facebook, got a couple of links for you should you want to give us a like. And why not, eh, get a foot in the door and put us about a bit. Like road kill spread us around you little darling.

Must let you know we are busy with producing audio versions of the stories to enhance the experience and great to listen to, especially, well you know the sort of thing, where you leave the brain on the coat hook to work at some tedious task that needs doing. Well, here we’ll be, filling your head with stories to help escape the earth plane and enter The Ghostly World.

So one or two new developments on the horizon and something the team discuss over messenger if the connection can hold good. It’s good to talk.

Maybe one day we’ll throw open the microphone and have a chat with you. Just think of that talking with someone from The Ghostly World.

Here’s those links in case you’d like to make yourself known to us, give us a like and we promise not to send a haunting to thank you personally.


So until the next time I wish you all a disturbed and not so pleasant sleep.


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