The Cull

…I share with you my memory and take a risk you not think me mad. What I have written does concern you and the other souls on this planet. If, like I, you remember and my words resonate, then you will know what agreed and why you born onto this planet at this time…

The Cull

UPON THE HILL I REMEMBER SEEING IT, yet doubt will persist of what recalled.

I am sure a tall and thin figure, wearing black cloth, caught me staring at its form. When I try to remember I grow fearful, for more than a passing glance took place and that its true form remains hidden from my perceptions.

Why I should contemplate such an unsupported opinion disturbs me, for my dreams haunted with questions, what spoils and stains spilling over the brim?

I have raked through these thoughts hundreds of times since it happened, pushing aside close friends and others with my persistence…

I, digging deep, to uncover a lost memory, buried under the clod. It has me retreating from those yet to awaken. I try to find ways to lift the spirits, and yet, I end up with nothing but sadness.

And so, I share with you my memory and take a risk you not think me mad. What I have written does concern you and the other souls on this planet.

If, like I, you remember and my words resonate, then you will know what agreed and why you born onto this planet at this time.

I shall begin.

In the darkness, a soul seeks the light, when life down below takes solace from the stars.

Beyond do gather the multitude, their presence with me and yet I stand alone, staring in wonderment at the vastness this vacuum outside of me, and I know… All can see.

Then I beheld a vision of horror.

The Earth screaming, tormented that I cannot break away from the suffering until some veil descends and protects me from the destructive vibrations.

She screams out; to release her from anguish, put an end to the tribulations.

Humankind, I learn, has fastened and bound over the planet, constrained her so that she cannot cast and destroy all evidence of our domain over her.

No longer able to rid herself from the source that causes her imprisonment.

Those people, the family of humankind has nurtured, saw the Earth captured exercising their grip and control of reality.

Though I see the planet suffer, as do many, I enquire to those around me. Why is the Earth isolated, banished to an empty void?

From beyond given in spoken word… The Earth and all that dwell upon her remain isolated, for the protection of all things that do exist.

That this be so, because man tampers with time and the fabric of realities creating rifts in the delicate woven threads.

See, the Earth screams while man holds her with bonds of great force, exhibiting a crippling trial that does torture and have her broken into submission.

So it is that Man, not allowed nevermore, to see out his destructive plan.


When I turned to look higher, I beheld a reality beyond my station. To my surprise, entities of a kind that shimmer, and appear angelic to my eyes.

It puzzled me, that those angelic beings should express a countenance all worrisome, anxious, lost and in consternation. Not something I’d expected to witness beyond our own earthly doubts and fears.

For awareness upon them, drew some manner of contact that I did enquire of one anxious and at a vibration for me to engage.

It spoke that they, these light beings, cannot believe the order given and decision cast, and that such a proclamation from a higher vibration sealed and made ready.

And so it told to me that upon the Earth shall seed a virus. No fabricated virus that man can prefect a cure.

He will not have the means to prevent the spread of a virulent and destructive life form. When cross species contamination, and that known, all upon the Earth shall infect, and the extinction of life on the planet will occur.

And I saw the void and a great gathering, bearing witness to this moment. A decree spread amongst the gathered that the Earth cleansed of humankind, for it has gone too far too soon and cannot continue to endanger reality.

When I asked why do I see this, why brought to this place? And it told to me, that I chose, a reminder of my role, as others have when incarnating on Earth.

I aligned myself to the mission. We are here to collect experience of life on Earth, to remember the beauty of this planet, to take all that is uplifting, all that raises the vibration in our existence of life.

We are receptacles to collect and hold precious experiences that enrich, bring life, nurture, learn, unite, drive, grow and so be the custodians. To take the laughter, the happiness, the wonder of life in all its positive vibrations and hold precious love, when succumbing to the cull.

Such are the chosen, a receptacle that will go forth, born onto a New Earth resonating at a higher vibration.

Where nothing of the dark allowed. For that of the dark and lower vibrations will perish.

And of the old Earth, it will begin again.

If my tale angers, I am truly sorry, but these visions are to take place, and that I bring the truth and warn that the virus is already upon the planet.

Cross-contamination across the species will begin in the Far East, and that man, trying in his panic will realise. It is beyond his reality to cure.

Remember what you will of the good times, for all of us that do seed a New Beginning, our mission fulfilled and we return to source.

story by John Riley

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