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Mary Bateman, Yorkshire’s other witch

Willoughby Bedford Journal investigating folklore and superstitions Mary Bateman, well no, I’m not here to meet her but to find out about her, she was born sometime around 1768. And yes, I know, I look old but certainly not that… Continue Reading →

The Burnsall Fairies

Willoughby Bedford’s Journal – investigating superstition and folklore I managed to catch up with Albert Clifton in the small village of Burnsall, 6 miles north of Skipton. The area is surrounded by beautiful countryside and the little B roads that… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

May 31st When old of age and looking into the glass and see but a little of what I was, and know that ahead in time and season would if I could make the world a little younger. For I… Continue Reading →

UFO, Covens and a Lion’s paw – Willoughby Bedford’s Notebook

 notes to self get new pen check online where to buy cassette tapes ring around find out where my Edgar Allan Poe’s book got to!!!   First things first… I’m not one for jumping straight in with conclusions but the… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

Month of May at the hour of Hermit’s return A HAUNTING CURIOSITY NEVER MORE then a moment away from you, ebbing and flowing until at last reaching out to steal your life that I may continue in this living damnation…. Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

19th April 2018 Sometimes a situation happens upon one, refusing to remain buried. It haunts both day and night. I’m sure when awakening during the early hours of the new day and it still dark, I’m sure someone knocked on… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

26th March 2018 There are times my dear visitor, that I can’t help myself, imagining silly little scenarios and writing them out for the pages. So I take my leave as we draw a close to this month with a… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

22nd March 2018 Never seems to go away, you know, the thing about putting out the intention to the good old universe and then sitting back reaping the rewards when it pours pennies from heaven. Here’s a rambling thought what… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

19th March 2018 You know found myself a bit of time to sit at the piano, run off a few tunes, warm the fingers up, bring back that flexibility. See, age plays its part on your mortal body, can’t cheat… Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

15th March 2018 Hello again doesn’t the time fly by really fast. Not that time matters to us here in The Ghostly World but you know when down on the earth plane yes it really does get its skates on…. Continue Reading →

The Ghostly World Journal

12th March 2018 My dear reader, how are you? Hope we are keeping you entertained. You know I have a picture of you our dear reader. Spending a little moment, I am, to spare you a thought. Do you find… Continue Reading →

The Tale of Obadiah Watts

I got Thomas to read this the other day when he came over to visit and thought we might do a recording of it replacing the test one produced a while ago. Think it’s probably still floating around on YouTube…. Continue Reading →

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