The Hunt – part two


Kate’s apprehension aware of hidden things lurking. She drew on some unsure thought as if giving purpose in a place unholy holding its secret.

A bleak landscape, vast in its spread, with a density heavy and close. She looked to the outcrop ahead, pulling back on her lip, hesitant. The deed present, what she had brought to the place, it reminded her, the corruption left to fester. Every step forward to the cave, in all living things, this place singled her out.

Kate lifted the holdall heavy with post hammer and stakes. One thing to offer reassurance, the light of a day, albeit grey and sombre, but still, late afternoon.

She felt the wavering at the entrance to the cave, trying to pass it off. Another moment to check the few wild flowers growing and moor land grasses. No sign of death, no sign of things affected. She took the torch from her pocket, checked it worked. Kate telling herself you have to do it, go now, in ten minutes it’ll be all over…

…back at the Chevy she questioned a numbing thought. She hadn’t needed the stake…

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story by John Riley

The Ghostly World Fictional Ghost Stories

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