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Hello, welcome to The Ghostly World.

The Ghostly World is a place where we tell tales to visitors, like yourself, living on the earth plane.

We offer free to read flash fiction pieces for your entertainment and that’s the important point, to entertain you, our visitors.

The Ghostly World is a place for independent minded authors developing a greater universe for you to play and experience.

If you like what we do and would like to show your appreciation then please consider supporting us.

There are various ways you can help.

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We also produce our own products and merchandise for sale, offering another way to support our creative ventures.

How to make a donation to The Ghostly World

If you find the our stories entertaining, of value, or if you feel inspired by all that’s shared and you would like to show your appreciation  please consider making a donation at our Radio Poupierre Records Paypal account..

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Your generosity is sincerely appreciated, and makes all this work possible.

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John Riley & Joe Stanley





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