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Hello, my name is John Riley and I want to welcome you to The Ghostly World.

The Ghostly World is a place where we tell tales to visitors, like yourself, living on the earth plane.

We offer free to read flash fiction pieces for your entertainment and that’s the important point, to entertain you, our visitors.

The Ghostly World is a place for independent minded authors developing a greater universe for you to play and experience.

If you like what we do and would like to show your appreciation then please consider supporting us.

There are various ways you can help. One way is using the PayPal support us box, and pledging an amount of money, and in return, we’ll offer for those pledging money…

  • for 5 dollars – a nightmare of our choosing
  • for 10 dollars – a weird experience
  • and for those pledging 25 dollars – one of our resident ghosts will pay you a visit for one night only.

Seriously though, we’d like to extend our thanks to those supporting our endeavours, so that we can continue to entertain you with more tales for the hours of darkness.

Another way you can support us, is when you are buying items from Amazon. They won’t cost you anymore but we earn a small commission to support our website if you use the Amazon text links on this page.

Book-marking our page and using the links to enter Amazon, and buying an item on that visit, earns us a commission and helps to support our website and produce more ways to entertain you.

We also produce our own products and merchandise for sale, offering another way to help support our creative ventures.

It just remains for me to thank you for listening, and in that way that is The Ghostly World, let me now take the time to wish you all a disturbed and not so pleasant sleep. I thank you.


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Please, would you consider supporting us…

We’d like to ask for a small favour.

We seek to provide stories of quality and entertainment value and want to keep our writing freely available for you and our website visitors.

We rely on the goodwill and support of people to help us develop the website and look to offer more in the way of entertainment and particular for people who require alternative formats, for example audio books.

If you can, we would like to ask for help to support the time, money and work bringing The Ghostly World to a wider audience and one in which all can enjoy and partake in the fun. Please, if you can support us, we appreciate your help and thank you for your contribution.

John Riley

Please Support us we do appreciate your help and thank you for your contributions
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